The Benefits of Low Voltage Cable Design

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Low voltage design is the process of integrated power systems in buildings that can run on either AC or DC current. Anything with 50 volts or less is considered low voltage, and thus, wiring that is designed to carry less than 50 volts is deemed to be low voltage wiring. Typically this is used for the internet, Wi-Fi, telephones, security systems, alarms, audiovisuals, communication systems, and more. As COVID-19 struck, 80% of employees demanded to work from home, and many have been searching for a home networking system for internet use and data sharing. The importance of a low voltage design is often underestimated, and so are the benefits. Low voltage design systems are environmentally friendly, safe, convenient, and more. All you have to do is ensure that your company has a successful low voltage design. 

Quality Low Voltage Design

Design sets are not all created equal. Proper planning, design, installation, and maintenance of low voltage systems will provide a better experience for anyone who uses the network. Procedures should be well-documented with notes and comments for all systems in scope, complete with room layouts, riser diagrams, equipment rack elevations, floor plans, detail sheets, and typical room layouts where applicable. There is always a risk of unexpected technology issues during the project, so the quality and service a company provides are a significant benefit for the client. A quality design can help your organization lower project costs, complete projects faster, and increase the reliability of all of your systems. It can also reap these benefits:

Environmentally Friendly

The most obvious benefit of a low voltage system is that they are more environmentally friendly. Requiring less energy to run the system allows the user to rely on the grid power system less. Due to an ever-increasing requirement for improving energy conservation efforts, it makes sense that by using these lower voltage lights and saving more energy, you can also take part in helping with the conservation goals. 

Lower Costs

All office managers wish to save money on their electrical consumption as much as possible. With low voltage systems, you can achieve just that. Using less energy means spending less money. However, lower energy doesn’t mean lower performance. Low voltage design consumes much less power, lasts much longer, and provides superior support to other systems. Because they use lower voltages, these systems are safer for homes than line voltage lighting. As a result, you may receive discounted rates on your building insurance. The sooner you begin, the sooner you can start saving money.


Having a low voltage system is widely considered safer than traditional power systems. The chances of an electrical shock or potential fire decrease due to the lower amount of power running through the circuit. With a controlled electrical system, you can monitor all kinds of electrical anomalies in your system and take adequate steps for curbing them. Control and safety should always be the top priorities for your business, offices, or home.

Convenience & Versatility

Many low voltage systems are controlled from one master site. Not only is this more convenient, but it allows the user to shut down any system that is not needed to save wasted energy usage, all from one location. This can be a significant convenience as you can control all the devices and lighting in your office from a single place or multiple locations. Low voltage design systems also require minimum maintenance and upkeep as they last longer and work more efficiently.

Low voltage systems provide much more security and control over the devices and electrical wiring in the office. Although your current network may be efficient, you will most likely be needing upgrades in the near future. How can you be confident that your cable will meet future challenges? Whether you’re thinking about a project for next quarter or in the midst of one getting derailed, bringing on a quality technology consultant will improve your low voltage systems 10x. Neetek can ensure that everything runs smoothly, on time, and on budget. Plus, we will leave your workplace with polished finished IT AV security. With Neetek and our thorough design principle experience, you can be confident that the job will be done right all the way through.

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