The Importance of Holistic Network Design


Holistic network design is a unique term that involves designing an IT support network to meet every individual business’s needs. Learn the benefits here.

The average business holds and manages about 162.9TB of data. Because of this, keeping information on your network secure, well-organized, and accessible needs to be a top priority. Top-notch network design is a good way to structure your IT solutions and increase your network efficiency.

Here, we’re going to talk about Neetek’s Holistic Network Design and its benefits. Read on to learn why this IT infrastructure arrangement is important for small and medium businesses.

What Is Holistic Network Design?

To understand Holistic Network Design, it’s important that you first understand what network design is more generally. In the most basic terms, network design is the physical, virtual, and logical arrangement of an IT network’s overall infrastructure. It is also known as network topology.

Networks perform better when they have well-planned-out designs. They become easier to scale and adapt to new business ideas and models. They also are more resilient and secure, which keeps your sensitive information and personal data safe from unauthorized users.

That’s why you need top-notch network design services.

Holistic Network Design” is a term that is unique to Neetek’s IT support team. It means that we design systems around people rather than the other way around.

Its purpose is to integrate your IT, AV, security, and modern workplace technologies with your data. It also integrates all of these with your operations and applications.

However, the methods, meaning, and outcome vary from business to business. After all, network design isn’t one-size-fits-all.

One of Neetek’s greatest brand differentiators is that we offer human-focused solutions tailored to your business and the people behind its operations. We talk with you, determine how your systems can be as productive as possible, and implement strategies that will boost your overall efficiency.

What Are Its Benefits?

One of the main benefits of Holistic Network Design is that it’s tailored for long-term success. Rather than simply looking into your current and short-term needs, our experts talk with you about the future of your business.

We help you plan efficient and effective network plans that anticipate your future growth and long-term budget. This means that you won’t just be able to build a great infrastructure but will also be able to maintain it over the coming years.

Because Neetek’s Holistic Network Design plans are the best network design strategies out there, you can also reap several other benefits.

First, fully integrating all of your solutions allows employees to execute tasks easily and seamlessly. They will be more productive due to data accessibility so that you can reach both short and long-term goals. This is partly because integration means business continuity that can stop crises before they arise.

Another benefit is that you improve the overall experience of all users including both employees and clients. When your IT solutions are tailored to your needs, those who frequent your specific network will have an easier time adjusting due to this highly-tailored experience.

Let’s take a look at why this is so important.

Flexible Network Access

Different enterprises require network access from various devices. Some companies may have more remote workers and need more mobile accessibility from different parts of the nation. Others may have a more consolidated infrastructure that requires access via high-powered machines in a physical location.

When you work with the best IT company for custom network design, you can access relevant information from the places that matter most. You can optimize for smartphones as well as desktops while also creating apps that increase tablet accessibility. This makes your business more mobile, flexible, and scalable (since you can add devices with no frills).

Security Upgrades

The average company loses about $4.35 million after being subject to a data breach. This is a 2.6% increase from 2021. Because of this, cybersecurity is more important than ever before.

An experienced network design team like Neetek offers can continuously monitor the health of your network’s security system. They can look into ways that you can improve your integrated data’s safety. They also can apply preventative approaches such as firewalls and malware detection software to keep your system safe.

Holistic Network Design makes this even more effective since we look at your specific data, applications, and software systems. We then can apply the security features that best protect the specific features of your network. You can stop worrying about your network safety and focus on the things that matter most to your business.

An Optimized Budget

Integrating multiple aspects of your network is a great way to cut costs. Holistic Network Design means optimizing your application and data use so that you only are paying for what you use.

If you’re using something outdated or inefficient for your individual needs, top IT support professionals can help you to identify more efficient and inexpensive alternatives. They also can help you determine what you aren’t using so that you can cut back on subscription fees for software that you’re not getting anything out of.

When you get Holistic Network Design services, you also are outsourcing your IT solutions. You don’t need to pay to train, onboard, and hire an internal IT professional or team. This can save you thousands of dollars every month that you can reinvest into other aspects of your business.

Work With a Top-Notch IT Company Today

While creating an IT infrastructure that works for your business can be challenging, it is much easier with professional assistance. Now that you know the benefits of Holistic Network Design strategies, it’s time to design and implement the best possible IT support network.

Neetek is committed to helping you create an infrastructure that works to exceed your business’s specific needs. Contact us to book a call and see how we can help solve your specific pain points.

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