Top 5 Moments You’ll Wish You’d Chosen Cloud Computing


Your server room machines are whirring happily, storing all your business data and running the software your staff uses every day. When everything’s working, nobody thinks about what is going on in that server room or the hard drive under their desk. And then something STOPS working. Neetek clients work securely and efficiently “in the cloud” — and we know they’d encourage you to switch too, BEFORE any of these moments turn a normal business day into utter chaos.


The server goes down.

IT specialists love to assert that it’s not a matter of if, but when. ‘When’ your physical server malfunctions, what will happen to all of your information? ‘When’ one of your employees’ hard drive crashes, what happens to all the files they forgot to back up? How do you get all that information back? When you switch over to Cloud Computing, you move the data, software, apps and information out of the physical machines that live in your office and store it safely off-site (as virtual data, in the cloud). Now you can get at it anytime, anywhere, always with any internet connection. Cloud computing may sound abstract, but we work with you to develop the right, pay-as-you-go solution to store every byte and program safely. We’ve built the processes, resources and infrastructure to back up and protect everything on your behalf. Now keeping your data accessible and safe is our job, not your servers’, your employees’ or your IT support. 


There’s a data breach.

It happens to hospitals, banks, and big businesses. While it feels like your data is safer housed in a building you lock up at night, hackers, ransomware and viruses enter through code, not windows or doors. Most businesses simply can’t afford the multiple layers of firewalls, password protections and security that dedicated Cloud Computing Services provide. Our team of engineers are on the job all the time outwitting the nefarious actors who target server-run businesses.  


You can’t reach your in-house IT support.

Those folks go on holiday too. Or are so overwhelmed with demand that you’ve had to set up a complicated process of request codes and triage. When you work with Neetek you get a whole team of Solution Consultants and IT support specialists who want to answer your questions quickly and thoroughly. We’re not just a tech solution, we’re people providing clarity, education and support when you need it. 


You want your people to be able to log in from home (or a remote site, an airport, a hotel…)

With secure cloud computing, your employees have safe and reliable access to the files and programs they need from anywhere. If you’ve ever experienced the frustration of trying to access a server from an IP address that is off-site, getting blocked, bounced, or shut out, you know how much time you can save when it’s easy to get up, running and working the first time. And, with everything stored and synced immediately and securely, there’s no panic if a laptop gets left behind. Email, files, data, programs, collaboration and productivity all work as efficiently as if you’re at your office desk.


You’re ready to scale and grow.

Without banks of servers, downtime for upgrades, and IT team re-training, Cloud Computing can keep up as fast as you can grow. No more need for (and costs of) hard drives, servers, power requirements, software upgrades and extra in-house IT personnel. Server rooms can be office space, employees can move freely between meeting rooms, floors and sites. When it’s time to upgrade to more powerful systems to keep up with company growth, employees can simply log in; there’s no need to install programs on every desktop, laptop and phone. 

With Neetek as your cloud computing partner, you get educational support, efficient management, economization, and approachability — service that gives you full control of and accessibility to all of your data with a highly optimized and scalable system of operations, while we do all the work. Schedule a free consultation and we’ll explain further why businesses choose Neetek.

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