Choosing Wi-Fi Access Points: Cisco CW916x and C9136 versus MR57

Wi-Fi technology has gone through several rounds of changes to accommodate the large increase in mobile device usage and Internet of Things (IoT) connectivity. What was once a few devices connected to a single access point could now be hundreds in a mid-sized or large organization. An enterprise needs the right Wi-Fi equipment to support…
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Tips for Tuning Your Wireless Network

Today, Wi-Fi installations are as common as installing electricity for a business to function. Although it’s just as common, wireless networking has a higher chance of being installed incorrectly or having issues from minor mistakes. Mistakes in wireless configurations can impact employee productivity and customer satisfaction, which in turn can take a toll on revenue…
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Benefits of Cisco ISE for Data Access, Authentication, and Compliance

Identity management is at the heart of data access control, but enterprise administrators must monitor potentially thousands of users across multiple endpoints, servers, and LANs. In addition to managing identities and data access, administrators also need to implement a solution that runs on edge devices, cloud and on-premises locations. With numerous devices and users accessing…
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Cisco Umbrella: Web Content Filtering and Cloud Services Cybersecurity

As your organization grows, your attack surface increases when administrators add cloud resources, user devices, and more infrastructure to support business growth. With an increased attack surface, you need better security to stop common threats. Zero-trust standards also require more stringent authentication and authorization for VPN-connected devices and remote network resources. The modern network requires…
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